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What is a life without stress? Is it even possible? Going an entire day without a headache or anxiety? Sleeping through the entire night? Feeling strong and healthy? Ultimately, a stress free life is up to you.

Dr. Olpin’s blog is teachings of Dr. Olpin for over the past 30 years as he has explored techniques, exercises and tools to help others achieve their vision of a stress free life. Now you can discover how to achieve happiness, health and long-lasting fulfillment, too. Start here with the articles, videos and downloads we have made available to help you on your journey to the life you want and deserve.

3 Surprising Ways to Get Better Sleep

Sleep deprived? You are not alone. One in three Americans are not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep a night, and that recommendation might be too low for some people. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, sleeping...

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November 1st: Time to Celebrate

If you are anything like me, you woke up this morning a little stressed when you realized…its NOVEMBER! That means just around the corner is, yep, that’s right, the exciting (but crazy) Holidays! That means lots of shopping, finding gifts for neighbors, making food...

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Sleep – Frequently Asked Questions

Sleep, or lack of it, affects us in many ways. Our health, immune system, mental acuity, emotional state, relationships, physical growth, performance, and even our waistline is affected by our quality of sleep. For many of us, this good quality sleep is getting harder...

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Managing the Waves and Leaks in Time

In the present moment, we are always free to choose what we do. There are consequences for what you do, and you may not want those consequences, but you always have a choice about what you do.

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Let’s Connect

I’m so happy you have decided to join me as we work together to improve the lives of the people around us, as well as ourselves. I am very excited about all the fun things I want to share with you. I also recognize that lots of you have great ideas and techniques you...

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A New Beginning: Join me toward my Vision

I have a vision: I am writing to you today because you have either been enrolled in one of my classes, attended a workshop, visited the stressmanagementplace.com website, or I’ve worked with you individually and you have given me permission to email you on matters...

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Life Can Be Simple

Life really is quite simple: Focus on the moments; learn from our past, and do things today that will benefit our future.

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