living a stress free life is possible

If you are like most people and were taught the same things I was told –

Stress is something that happens to you and you just have to deal with it.
There is nothing you can do about it.


I am here to tell you that simply is not true.

What is Stress?

A really long time ago, our ancestors lived relatively peaceful lives. They hunted, they gathered. They really had very little going on until a big bear or tiger, or neighboring tribe threatened to attack them.

During an attack, our ancestors’ bodies figured out how to survive.

Their bodies would “ramp up,” as certain hormones created a cascade of physiology that made them very speedy and very powerful. This physiological change made them strong enough and fast enough to stay alive.

However, once the attack was over or they got far enough away from the bear or tiger they would return to their relatively peaceful lives.

Today, we don’t have bears or tigers threatening to attack us, but our bodies continue with that same “ramp up” mechanism our ancestors had.

Today we face other stressors such as traffic jams, deadlines, relationship troubles, the death of family members, and financial difficulties.

The difference is, our “ramp up” or stress systems stay activated for a lot longer than it did for our ancestors, creating long-term imbalances in our bodies — leading to a whole lot of inconvenient symptoms.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • Headaches and muscle tension

  • Constant fatigue, no matter what you try

  • Relationship issues

  • No sleep

  • Loss of libido


  • Getting sick all the time

  • Upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, nausea

  • Feeling worried and anxious

  • Weight loss/gain


I am here to tell you there is a way out. You aren’t destined to stay in a state of constant stress forever.

I know because I work with people who get better all the time.

For over three decades, I have been researching and teaching the best tools on the planet to reduce stress and help people feel awesome.



Here are some of my favorite places to get you started


Everything I have ever learned about reducing stress is in the course. It is full of lectures, audio, relaxation exercises, video content, workbooks, and stress relieving hacks to reduce your stress in no time. It is availble anywhere you have a device connected to the internet and its user friendly interface is easy for anyone to use.

Stress Relief Center

You go to the gym to exercise your muscles. Whether you want to do cardio, weights or hit the pool, you head to that section of the gym. The Stress Relief Center is just that except for your “stress muscles.” Different areas of our gym include meditation, relaxation, mindfulness and many more. Depending on what you want to benefit from that day, just head on over to the area of the gym you want to “work out in” here in the Stress Relief Center.

Power Nap

One of my favorite power tools, the Power Nap will help you feel rested and restored in just about 15 minutes. Be sure to turn up your volume and find a quiet place to lie down as we begin our journey to peace and relaxation.


Dr. Olpin’s blog is teachings of Dr. Olpin for over the past 30 years as he has explored techniques, exercises and tools to help others achieve their vision of a stress free life.

Now Its Your Turn

No matter who you are, where you come from, how stressed you think you are, I believe you can reduce the stress you have in your life. You can perform better at everything you do, and feel better while you do it, if you give the tools I will share with you a chance.

In fact, the most crucial step is for you to believe in yourself. Believe that you can change and that there is a better, less stressful life waiting for you.

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