November 1st: Time to Celebrate

November 1st: Time to Celebrate

Uh-Oh! Holiday Stress!

If you are anything like me, you woke up this morning a little stressed when you realized…its NOVEMBER!

That means just around the corner is, yep, that’s right, the exciting (but crazy) Holidays! That means lots of shopping, finding gifts for neighbors, making food for family gatherings, time with in-laws who constantly ask you, “What’s next in your life?”, shows and traveling, and filling those oh-so-high expectations to make each holiday perfect.

Lucky for you, you trusted me with your email. I want to be there for you these next couple of months. I want you to feel calm and at peace during this season. I want this to be your best holiday season yet.

That is why I am going to be connecting with you pretty frequently over the next few weeks. Each day is a short video or quick note from me giving you my best tips on how to manage stress during the holidays.

It’s my mission to help ambitious people like you create a life of calm and happiness so you have the freedom to do whatever you want in this life. After overcoming the dooming health effects of stress myself, I am doing everything I can to help others break free from their stress by giving them the tools for success.

Let’s make this the best holiday season possible and end the year strong – together!

Dr. Olpin

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Is Your Stress Contagious?

Is Your Stress Contagious?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension? 

You know that thick, palatable, tension you could cut with a knife, even though no one is fighting, arguing, or saying anything at all?

Or the opposite.

Have you ever been around someone who has an infectious smile? You don’t even know what is so funny, but you can’t help laughing too?

How Does this Happen?

Whenever we think thoughts, we create neuropeptides, chemicals that are the physical product of our thoughts. These chemicals travel from cell to cell letting each one know what the brain is thinking.

Thinking really does change our own physiology, our environment, and perhaps the physiology of others too.

If you have been with us long, you know Dr. Olpin’s mantra by now, “Stress begins with our thoughts.” Now many researchers are homing in on how damaging and contagious those stress thoughts can be.


“Brain changes associated with stress underpin many mental illnesses including PTSD, anxiety disorders, and depression,” says Bains, professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology .1

Bains has also discovered that stress thoughts are not just dangerous to those that think them, but also to others around them.

In a study on mice, Bain found that when one mouse was exposed to mild stress and then returned to its partner, both the stressed mouse and the naïve partner’s brains were altered the same way.

In other words, the unstressed mouse’s brain changed as if it had been stressed too.

Does this happen in humans too?

Bain commented, “We readily communicate our stress to others, sometimes without even knowing it.”

Yes, even without meaning to, our stress is probably being passed on to those around us, family members, co-workers, the clerk at the grocery store.

But don’t feel guilty just yet.

Instead, let’s be grateful to now understand how contagious stress can be, and use this as motivation to get own stress under control, to make us feel good, and make the world a better place as well!

Let’s make getting rid of stress as easy as possible.

Others have done it – you can too!

Together, we can do this!



Gardeners Are Wise People?

Gardeners Are Wise People?

Many gardeners I know are very wise people.

Working in the yard brings them back to nature, to mother earth, and gives them a sense of accomplishment, connection, and peace.

Not me.

To me it is work. I “pull the weeds” and they come back the next week.

food-healthy-vegetables-villageSometimes I mistake the weeds for plants, so I leave them. Then they eventually overtake what was a beautiful bed of flowers.

Weeds are like our own subconscious scripts or learned patterns of behavior. They are almost automatic and can be helpful or destructive. Sometimes they can turn on the stress response even years after we think we have “pulled the weeds from the garden.”

The other day I found myself thinking about something horrible that happened almost 20 years ago. I don’t know why something must have triggered the memory. The emotions and feelings of this event felt very raw as if it had just occurred moments earlier. 

At first, I kept trying to fix it by “ignoring it, forgetting about it and trying to think of something else.” But just like the weeds, the thoughts and subsequent emotions kept coming back looping around in my head causing me greater and greater anxiety.

My stress response was in full throttle in my present moment for something that happened two decades ago! 

I knew I was sliding down a destructive path, so I decided to access a higher power for help. But even as I asked for help, my thoughts kept distracting me. I couldn’t feel anything. I wasn’t connecting.

Then it came to me.

I needed to turn off the stress, so I could connect, so I could listen. Then I could heal. 

I did a relaxation exercise.

Twenty minutes later things were much better.

The relaxation exercise turned my stress response OFF. My emotions subsided. Now I could listen and connect.

With the stress response off, I could choose my response. I had the power to place a better thought in The Gap to choose a new level of responding, to be grateful for what I had learned and to it let go. I also threw in some effective self-talk just for good measure.

The result was amazing!  I was in control and I felt great.

Turning off the stress response didn’t just “pull the weeds” out of the garden, it helped me eliminate the seeds that created those weeds, those negative subconscious scripts,  in the first place. 

Relaxation exercises like meditation, guided imagery, autogenics, and the Power Nap, turn off the stress so you can connect, listen, and use your power of thought to be who you really want to be.

And that changes everything!

A New Beginning: Join me toward my Vision

A New Beginning: Join me toward my Vision

I have a vision:

I am writing to you today because you have either been enrolled in one of my classes, attended a workshop, visited the website, or I’ve worked with you individually and you have given me permission to email you on matters regarding stress reduction.

I would like to thank you for your support and friendship through the years, so much so that I have included a free gift for you at the bottom of this letter.  I am also writing you this important message because:  As you know, the majority of people these days suffer with the incredible burden of out-of-control stress and its awful symptoms. Perhaps you know someone. Perhaps it’s you.  Most people admit they need to do something about their stress. But rarely do, simply because they don’t know how, or where to find the answers.  At a recent workshop I gave, there was a woman who could not sit still, one who hadn’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in weeks, a man who suffered from daily headaches, another with rapid heart rate, and many others with problems related to their out-of-control stress levels.  After speaking with them for a few minutes and having them practice a simple meditation: • the first woman was still,• the second felt rested,• the man’s headache went away,• the other’s heart rate fell by 32 beats per minute, and many more stress symptoms were relieved. There is real power in turning off the stress response.  There is even more power in knowing how to keep it off.   This is why I am reaching out to you now.   Over the years I have been asked numerous of times by many of you to develop something to help people, your moms, dads, friends, co-workers, employees, athletes, students, missionaries, professionals, performers, teens, just to name a few, to help them turn off their stress and keep it off.   At first I thought I could just find something to which I could refer people, but after searching and searching through all the “quick tips and tricks” and weak programs, I found there really isn’t anything out there to help people with all three of the major aspects of stress. No complete or comprehensive solution.   So I got to work.  Five years later, I am excited to say there are options. There is hope.  In fact, there is more than hope, because these options are already up and working. People are already benefiting from them in the most incredible ways.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could say that your stress went down dramatically in 2018?  Option 1: Get the Newsletter  Stay connected and learn the latest including; the latest in stress related technology, how to relieve anxiety, reducing family stress, depression, work stress, performance stress, methods for relaxation, wellness, and many other helpful resources to keep you informed and on top of what you need to know.  You don’t have to do anything to get the newsletter. You are already included on the list.  If you know someone else who would benefit, there is a link below to share this newsletter.  Option 2: Master My Stress Program   This is the 5 year project.   If you are really serious about doing something about your stress, or helping someone else really do something about their stress, this is the proactive step you need to take.  This program consists of 30 online coaching sessions based on my face to face class that I have taught at major universities. It is fun, flexible, do at your own pace, entirely online, convenient, only takes a few minutes a session, but most importantly – it works. It really does.   I am so confident that it does, that it has a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee.   For more information on Master My Stress option, click here. For more information on helping someone else with their stress click here for the gift option.  If you would like information on working with me and becoming an affiliate for this program, email me at [email protected] and I will send you some information.   Option 3: Share with Others.  If you know anyone who needs to reduce their stress, please share any of the following options you think would benefit them. I want to create a community of people who can connect and support each other. We all have experiences and reasons to share, to reach out, to help others.  Join The Stress Management Place Facebook Group Discover and Share  More Information on Master My Stress Give Someone you love the Master My Stress Program  Or connect on any of these other social platforms:
Facebook  | Twitter  | Instagram  | Pinterest Again, I want to sincerely thank you for being part of this process. Every one of you at some point has touched my life, and in some way has helped me create these resources that I know will help a lot of people.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, thoughts, or ideas you might have. I strongly feel we can have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of our family, friends, community, and world if we work together to make it happen.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Michael Olpin

[email protected]

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